• 23-03-2016, 11:44:50
    Aşağıdaki mail geldi. Bu firma ADSENSE ortağımı? Birde yazılanı tam anlamadım. Sizce ne teklif etmiş.

    I get in touch with you to communicate our interest to buy traffic mobile (smartphone) on its ...................com. It is fully compatible with AdSense format and other formats, we offer fixed CPM for nacional and international traffic.

    We currently have eCPMs over 2 euros.

    I take this opportunity to let our advantages over other companies:

    - We pay anytime
    - We offer 90% of the publisher revshare
    - Supported formats with Adsense and Google
    - Panel statistics in real time.
    - Different formats

    If you are interested, please get in touch as soon as possible to send you a personalized proposal.

    Thank you
  • 23-03-2016, 11:52:17
    rizikos adlı üyeden alıntı: mesajı görüntüle
    Aşağıdaki mail geldi. Bu firma ADSENSE ortağımı? Birde yazılanı tam anlamadım. Sizce ne teklif etmiş.
    Adsense tarzında reklam formatları varmış.
    Her zaman ödeme garantisi ve %90 yayıncı gelir payı varmış.
    Tam zamanlı reklam analiz raporlaması istatistik paneli.
    Değişik formatlarda reklam biçimleri.

    İlgilenirseniz size detaylı bir mail göndereceğiz demişler.
  • 23-03-2016, 13:40:10
    Hemen çalışmaya başlayın.

    Bu tarz firmalar çok kazanç sağlıyor.
  • 23-03-2016, 22:14:37
    raskors adlı üyeden alıntı: mesajı görüntüle
    Hemen çalışmaya başlayın.

    Bu tarz firmalar çok kazanç sağlıyor.
    Benim içeriğim Türkçe. Benim siteme neden reklam vermek istiyorlar anlamadım.
  • 24-03-2016, 18:11:09
    Ayrıntılı bilgi istedim. Aşağıdaki mail geldi.
    Anlamıdığım nokta reklamların yetişkin içerikli olup olması. Birisi çevirebilirmi?
    Nice to meet you!

    I'll tell you a little bit ... We are a company specializing in monetizing mobile traffic both leisure and business adhult. We have advertisers worldwide. We are currently working with other publishers and are having very good results with the Interstitial format.

    The format is an interstitial layer is loaded on the website once a day to the user in full screen and has a blade to close without disturbing more and to continue sailing without problems. We have two types of blades, conventional and one that is a little bigger

    We work with all kinds of advertisers both leisure and adhult. Obviously on a page like yours would catch our Adserver only deals that suit your target audience whether mobile services or applications for iOS & Android.

    We make the payments when the publisher's request, with a maximum of a weekly payment. Realiamos payments through PayPal or bank transfer. In addition to Yuhu Ads you receive a 90% rev share.

    We work to eCPM: ie is the sum of the different methods of payment (CPA, CPI, CPL) conversions performed your traffic. The calculation of different payment models generate cost per mille effective impressions but come on, have to have a target and source of traffic very bad for those impressions are not paid.

    We do not work with fixed prices, but variable based on eCPM.

    In addition, you will have access to a statistics panel to check the performance of your advertising.

    It would be great if we could start a test and see how it works. If you have Skype add me and keep