arkadaşlar geçenlerde yazmiştim, ben yeni bir siteyi ilk defa açtim, ve alexa bilmem 570 000 küsür, alexa toolbarda benim siteyi 570 000 olarak gösteriyordu, sonra alexa ya baktiğimda site infosu benim değil başka bir sitenin, artı benim site alexa da var ama rank kim vurduya gitmişti, biraz ingilizce bilmem rağmen bu aşağıdaki maili attım

Hello, my site is i want add my site, but, that is dont be,
because, my site info record is for another site, how i can make save as
it ? this different a problem thanks for it

ve bana cevap vermişler ne demek istemişler pek anlamadım.
Thank you for contacting Alexa Internet. Regarding the listing of the
sites you mentioned:

When Alexa crawls the Web, it merges together sites which we think have
the same content. When we merge two or more sites, we combine their
traffic to form one ranking and list them under the domain with the most
traffic. With tens of millions of domains on the Internet, our automated
procedures for determining which hosts are serving the same content may
sometimes be incorrect and/or out-of-date due to ownership or content

We will separate the sites during our next update of the service. After
we have separated the sites in 1-2 weeks, you can submit contact
information for your site at:

Alexa - Site Information Editor

We appreciate and thank you for your interest in Alexa.

Best regards,
Alexa Internet Customer Service