MSN Patch 8.0.0792 -
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  • 25-06-2006, 07:57:27
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    General Options
    · Enable Polygamy
    · Remove Billing Information Menus
    · Enable Winamp Support For Now Playing Feature
    · Swap Now Playing Title And Artist
    · Distinguish Idle From Away Users (English Only)
    · Disable Spaces Integration In Contact Cards
    · Disable Nudge Protection
    · Disable Nudge Window Shaking
    · Enable Multi-line Nicknames (English Only)
    · Add Sign-In Status In Systray Menu (English Only)
    · Remove Text Advertisement From Shared Folders Window
    · Remove Display Pictures From Popup Toasts
    · Hide My Sharing Folders From My Computer

    Main Window Options
    · Remove Windows Live Logo
    · Remove Messenger Title
    · Add Always On Top Button
    · Translucent Dashboard
    · Remove Display Picture In Sign-In Window
    · Allow Status Change When Signing In
    · Remove Bottom Links In Sign-In Window
    · Remove Windows Live ID Branding
    · Switch Tabs To Right Side
    · Open Display Picture Dialog Upon DP Click
    · Remove Display Picture In Contact List
    · Boost Personal Messages To 500 Characters
    · Remove E-Mail Button
    · Remove Sharing Folders Button
    · Remove My Space Button
    · Remove Windows Live Today Button
    · Remove Call Button
    · Remove Colorize Button
    · Add Sign-Out Button In Upper Panel
    · Add Personal Settings Button In Upper Panel
    · Move Add Contact Button To Upper Panel
    · Remove Add Contact Button
    · Remove Sort Contacts Button
    · Move Contacts Manager Bar To Bottom
    · Remove Contacts Manager Bar
    · Remove Yellow Infobar
    · Remove Gleams
    · Remove Emoticons From Contact Names
    · Hide Personal Messages In Contact List
    · Disable Song Links
    · Remove Advertisement Banner
    · Remove MSN Search Bar

    Conversation Window Options
    · Add Always On Top Button
    · Remove Yellow Infobar
    · Remove Invite Button
    · Remove Send Files Button
    · Remove Video Button
    · Remove Call Button
    · Remove Activities Button
    · Remove Games Button
    · Remove Block Button
    · Add Send E-Mail Button To Top Toolbar
    · Add My Received Files Button To Top Toolbar
    · Center Top Toolbar Buttons
    · Remove Webcam Icon
    · Remove Get Accessories Link
    · Open Display Picture Dialog Upon DP Click
    · Hide Display Pictures By Default
    · Remove Premium Services
    · Remove My Dynamic Backgrounds Menus
    · Remove Bottom Text Advertisement
    · Remove Emoticons Button
    · Remove Winks Button
    · Remove Nudge Button
    · Remove Voice Clip Button
    · Remove Font Button
    · Remove Colorize Button
    · Remove Backgrounds Button
    · Remove Packs Button
    · Center Formatting Toolbar Buttons
    · Remove Send Button
    · Remove Search Button
    · Remove User Is Writing Message
    · Change Handwriting Tab Images To Text
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