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    Graffiti from Turkey, June 2013. It plays on the "Every day I’m Shuffling." lyrics of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem".[1]

    Chapulling (Turkish: çapuling) is a neologism originating in the 2013 protests in Turkey, coined from Prime Minister Erdoğan's use of the term çapulcu (roughly translated to "looters"[1]) to describe the protestors.

    Pronounced "cha-pul-ju" in Turkish, çapulcu was rapidly reappropriated by the protestors, both in its original form and as the anglicized chapuller and additionally verbified chapulling, given the meaning of "fighting for your rights".[1] Chapulling has been used in Turkish both in its English form and in the hybrid word form çapuling.

    The word quickly caught on, adopted by the demonstrators and online activists. Many took the concept further by integrating the unique nature of the demonstrations and defined it as "to act towards taking the democracy of a nation to the next step by reminding governments of their reason for existence in a peaceful and humorous manner." [2] Variations of chapulling were also coined for other languages.[3]

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