• 04-07-2019, 13:37:15
    Arkadaşlar sebebini bilmediğim bir nedenden dolayı uygulamam askıya alındı. Gönderilen mail bu şekil de, tecrübeli arkadaşlar yardımcı olurlarsa çok sevinirim.

    Thanks for contacting the Google Play Team.

    Status of app: Suspended from Google Play due to policy violation

    We reviewed your appeal request and found that your app still violates Google Play Policy.

    During review, we found that your app (com.kazan....) violates the Device and Network Abuse policy and the 4.8 section of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

    We don’t allow apps that interfere with, disrupt, damage, or access in an unauthorized manner the user’s device, other devices or computers, servers, networks, or application programming interfaces (APIs). You can read through the Device and Network Abuse policy page and Developer Distribution Agreement for more details and examples of common violations.

    For example, your app markets itself as a way to hack or circumvent game mechanics.

    Please note that suspensions count as strikes against the good standing of your Google Play Developer account. Egregious or multiple policy violations can result in suspension, as can repeated app rejections or removals.

    If your developer credentials are still in good standing with Google Play and if your app allows for it, you can publish a new compliant version of the app by following these steps:

    Make the necessary changes to your app to address Device and Network Abuse policy described above, if possible.
    Double check that your app complies with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.
    Sign in to your Play Console and upload a new app using a new package name and a new app name.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to reply if you have addressed the violation and have a new version ready for further consideration.

    Thanks for your continued support of Google Play.