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Tekil Mesaj gösterimi
Alt 20-07-2007, 02:48:34

Contextual Tracker, Aşırı Tıklama Önleyici

Contextual Tracker is free tool to monitor clicks in contextual ads and provide detailed statistics. Using it You can limit fraud clicks and increase your revenue. Script features: * Statisctics: - automatic channel handling - regex channels, assign click to channel basing - on source's URL - one click can belong to many channels - clicks list (supporting limits) - channels statistics (supporting limits) - today's summaries (ads, ips and channels) - handy contextual menu makes navigation easy - easy way to change channels names * Tracker: - tracks iframes on all common browsers - easy way to add new ads support - ability to attach to independent statistics * Others: - automatic ad hidding after click (IE) - easy integration with Google Analytics - fraud clicks protection
Contextual Tracker - track AdSense clicks, YPN, Yahoo, context ads; fraud clicks protection, statisctics

denemedim ads im yok ama belki birilerinin işine yarar
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