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Tekil Mesaj gösterimi
Alt 14-06-2006, 01:16:10
Az önce şöyle bir mail gelmiş:

We wish to update you on the status of the EFT verification
process. You may have noticed that there was a delay in
receiving your test deposit. When attempting to send the test
deposits, we found that many of the test deposits would be
declined. We suspect this is because the information in your
AdSense account is not clear.

Currently we are asking for the following information:
Bank Code (Banka kodu):
Account Number (Hesap numarası):

This may have caused confusion because Bank Code (Banka kodu)
commonly refers to a 4 digit number, which is part of the 12
digit number required for this field. We will be updating the
interface, to ask for each piece of information separately.
1. Bank code / Banka Kodu (4 numeric)
2. Branch Code / Şube Kodu (5 numeric)
3. City Code / Şehir Kodu (Belirtilen listeden seçiniz)

What you should do:
Check the status of your bank account you can see it by
visiting the 'My Account' tab and scrolling to the Payment
Details section. Find your status below and follow any related
1. VERIFIED: You are ready to start receiving payments by EFT.
As we have already begun the May payment cycle, your first
payment by EFT will be sent at the end of June.
2. UNVERIFIED: Check your bank account for a small test deposit
from Google. Then take a few minutes to verify the amount of the
test deposit within your AdSense account. To do this, please
follow the instructions here:
3. DEPOSIT FAILED: Please re-enter your bank information. In the
Bank code (Banka kodu) field, please enter the following
information in this order.
1. Bank code / Banka Kodu (4 numeric)
2. Branch Code / Şube Kodu (5 numeric)
3. City Code / Şehir Kodu (Belirtilen listeden seçiniz)
There is no need to let us know once you have completed the next
steps, unless you are having trouble entering your bank
information or havent received your test deposit within a week
of receiving this email.

General EFT Information:
- We cannot accept requests to cancel checks for the purpose of
having them resent via EFT.
- EFT payments will be credited to your bank account by the 5th
of the month following the month of the payment. This means that
if your first EFT payment will be issued in June for May
earnings, you can expect to see the credit by the 5th of July.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to
ensure successful EFT payments for you.


The Google AdSense Team
Banka hesabım zaten onaylıydı. Sonuç olarak 5 Temmuz'da ödeme yapacaklarmış.

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